We’re going on an adventure.

I don’t know about you but I struggle with uncertainty. I kind of like to know where I’m going and what’s ahead of me. Well, because then we can plan, right?  How’s a girl meant to know what to pack for the future when she doesn’t even know where she’s headed?  Hairdryer? Evening dress?  Ski suit?  Bathing suit? Onesie? Party hat? Hiking boots?

Sometimes I feel like I’m sitting on the edge of an empty suitcase, staring at it in desperation, asking God what I’m meant to pack. Where are you taking me and how on earth am I supposed to prepare?

There are times in life when we feel like we are just sitting there. Waiting.  Waiting next to our empty suitcase. God, I don’t really mind where you are taking me but I’d at least like to know where.  I’d like to get all my goodies in this bag, so I know that I’m prepared.

And I think God would like to say to us, that he’s like that husband or boyfriend that’s got it all prepared.  You know the one where you gush with mild envy because they planned the trip, made sure the hotel had a hairdryer and even had the best designer prepare you a custom made evening dress.  Yes, he’s got it covered. Sure, He may say ‘You might want to bring your toothbrush and don’t forget your passport’ but for the most part, he’s packed your bag and he’s got what you need.

Now I know what you’re thinking, there just aren’t men that exist like that today.  A bit like the friend of mine who went into labour early and had to send her husband out to buy nappies.  Well, he got sanitary pads instead. I know. Men can have the best intentions and often just don’t get it right.

But this is God we are talking about. This is the God that knows what you need and what you already hold.  And He is standing with you at the airport ready to depart. He’s booked the cab from airport and he’s holding those flight tickets. That hotel is booked and he knows the destination. He’s holding your cash and he’s got that medi kit to fix any wounds. The trip’s an adventure, and you may get some scrapes, but he’s got you covered and He’s a hundred percent prepared. All He asks is that you enjoy His presence and His care. That you delight in the things He’s got planned which He knows you love to do.  Let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than a grumpy traveller and especially one that frets.

So next time, you worry as you stand next to that empty suitcase… Know that God has got you prepared.  Place your toothbrush and passport on the side cause you know you’re going somewhere.  And head over to the couch, sip some tea and wait with great anticipation, and put away the fret.




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