Croatia. More beautiful than I ever imagined. Part IV.


Following my life/death experience on our last day in Vela Luka, we bundled up our luggage at the crack of dawn and headed for the port to catch the ferry to Hvar.  We had planned a day in the more recognised ‘party island’ as a way for us to celebrate my birthday, with as much energy as we could muster, after catching life on the chill in Vela Luka.

Catching the ferry so early in the morning, meant that we arrived at a sublime, still and yet awakening, Hvar. We dropped our bags at our super convenient hotel, The Palace Hvar Hotel. Nothing like a palace for the birthday girl! As we were unable to check in just yet, we decided to make the most of the early morning where the sun was casting a warm glow across the quaint town and quiet activity of those preparing their yachts for the day.  We walked along the water (heading towards Hula Hula beach bar) and as there was no one around, decided to take a quick dip just off the edge of the walkway.  Mandatory were the carefully constructed dive shots that looked something like the following:

Shouts of direction from the photographer for the right position,  hesitant positioning from the diver, counting down from the photographer, greatly anticipated dive from ‘performing dolphin’, much checking and comments from both parties. Repeat. 10 times. Swop diver and photographer. It sounds a mission but in all honestly was part of the fun! Nothing like perfecting a dive for the camera! And guaranteed, we totally amused the old 80 year couple who looked like they were taking their daily ‘quiet’ swim as they had done for as many years as they had been married!

Following our dive performances, we walked along the path and made our way to Hula Hula Beach Bar. Well, let’s just say that heaven is a place on earth. We payed 10 pounds for our deck chairs that were perched on the rocks, right on the water.  As the deck chairs started to fill up, the music played, the drinks flowed and the smell of sun tan lotion cast itself across the crowd.  People watching had become real!  And like a time lapse video, the people came and went and after a whole day soaking up the sun and vibe, the sun started to set – casting an array of sea sparkles across the sea and the buzz of activity on the water.

Sunset motioned us over to the bar, where the party had started to pick up. We watched as the sky turned epic shades of orange and yellow. Until completely disappearing on the horizon as the energy of the Hula Hula raised itself into the night on the waters edge.

Hotel: The Palace Hvar Hotel

Food & drink: Hula Hula Bar (we were pretty lazy and this is the only place we drank and ate





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