Croatia. More beautiful than I ever imagined. Part II.


My journey started with flying into Split, the second largest city in Croatia.  It was essentially a quick day stopover before heading onto Vela Luka. There’s a bus that is relatively cheap and easy to hop onto at the airport.  It takes you directly to the harbor where you land in amongst a frenzy of activity. Little did I know that Croatia’s ‘ferry’s’ could more appropriately be named ships. They were huge and lined the entire port. I was undecided whether to try find where to purchase my ferry ticket, or drop my luggage first.  Thankfully I decided on the latter, as it turned into quite a mission to find where one could buy tickets for my particular ferry!

Dropping my bag off at one of the many luggage depot’s, allowed me to walk freely up and down the port finding my particular ticket station. I finally beat the challenge and, ticket in hand, set off to explore Split. Given that both Split and Dubrovnik have been key locations used to film Games of Thrones (more humorous stories about this later!), one can imagine the architectural wonder this place bestows upon those that visit. It’s easy to find the Diocletian’s Palace (a Unesco World Heritage site) as it faces directly onto the harbor. The ancient palace built by the Roman emperor Diocletian at the turn of the fourth century covers 31,000 sq metros and now buzzes with people, bars, shops and restaurants.  Diocletian spared no expense, importing marble from Italy and Greece, and columns and sphinxes from Egypt.

Not having too much time with only a few hours in Split, I spent most of my time strolling the palace and surrounds, having lunch in one of the courtyards (whilst indulging in some superbly fascinating people watching) and trying to capture the atmosphere of this vibrant coastal city.

I would definitely recommend Split for at least one day or night.










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